Why I resigned from a job I am passionate about: When you know it is time to go!

Mon, Sep 5, 2022


Why I resigned from a job I am passionate about: When you know it is time to go!

A significant proportion of people despise their work! In actuality, the majority of Kenyans despise their jobs and workplaces. Brighter Monday, a consultancy recruitment firm, discovered in 2018 that 80% of employees detested their workplaces and wouldn’t suggest it to friends or family.

The focus of this post is not on how much we detest our jobs, but rather on how to recognize when it is time to resign from your current position with the company. There are various causes for resignation from a position; discovered a better place to work aka greener pastures, despises the manager, want recognition, etcetera. There are at least 31 justifications for quitting your work. However, we’ll examine at least three crucial factors that make you know it is time to resign from a job your love.

Not feeling challenged

The moment you no longer feel challenged by your job is the primary factor. I was overjoyed to start working for xx firm. There were difficulties everywhere you looked. There was a problem to solve, feedback to give, and responsibility to take. This made getting ready for work and getting out of bed every day a breeze. I was adamant that the circumstance, which had been getting worse for years, would change. I was anxious to push myself and was prepared to complete tasks. Not only finished but finished well. The most exciting part was that I was regularly involved in my work, acquiring new skills all the time, creating new goals, and encouraging my staff to feel useful and enthusiastic about a job they felt was dull.

Everything in that office was operating automatically after two years. There were established systems, established practices, departmental manuals, and established policies. Nothing was tough anymore. At this time, I was aware that I had to move out.

Lack of recognition

When you start to feel underappreciated is the second main cause. Every person desires to be respected. The majority of businesses have mastered the art of thanking their staff. However, some employees go above and above the call of duty to make sure the business runs well. Evidently, some of these individuals go unnoticed. What businesses fail to realize is that a supervisor’s letter stating, “We value your contribution toward achieving our company goals,” or even just a pin can serve as acknowledgement. I believe I am a prime example of feeling underappreciated. My performance review for the two years was excellent. However, there was no letter of recognition, and the offer to extend my two-year contract did not include an increase in pay. I was certain at that time that I had to move on.

Company culture no longer fits

 Have you ever felt that the culture of your workplace no longer suits you? This is the third and final indication that it’s time to move on. The culture of corporate communication could start to seem limited. When there is no open dialogue between managers and employees, it can be a serious problem that affects many people. Have you noticed that you dislike the way in which company processes, procedures, or problems are communicated? Then you know it is about that time – to resign.



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